The Piratization of Daniel Barnes

Daniel Barnes was a journalist sent to Somalia to report on the pirate happenings in 2008, at the time the Al-Shabaab terror organization (the "Youth") was brutally consolidating its control over large swathes of Somali territory and implementing a barbaric version of sharia law. Daniel was kidnapped before he ever stepped foot in the state of anarchy; however, and was sold into slavery. He was sold to a warrior pirate who hoped to utilize Daniel’s journalism skills to gain himself notoriety with a world audience. At first, Daniel tried to escape his captors, but he would later hope to escape the man he had become . . .

Kirkus Reviews

"A classic adventure story, during which chaos transforms the seemingly average protaginist into a formidable hero. . . A compelling, politically rich thriller."

Columbia Review of Books & Film

"A fast paced, action-packed thriller that transports the reader to pirate-ruled Somalia at the height of its violence, introduces realistic, fascinating and provocative characters, and ingeniously intertwines plotlines involving romance, good against evil, and international politics, all driven by the most potent motives of greed, fame, salvation, and survival. Highly recommended!"

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